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S E P T E M B E R    2 0  -  2 2,    2 0 1 9   |   O R B I S O N I A   /   R O C K H I L L     F U R N A C E,    P A.

2019 Performers

2016 performers
Many thanks to our terrific 2019 performers and friends for a fantastic weekend of music! Back row, left to right: Pianists Adam Swanson, Daniel Souvigny, and Brian Holland, drummer Danny Coots, pianist Richard Dowling, Lutheran lay leader Steven Katcher, singer Joyce Richardson, and pianist, singer, and seminar leader Frederick Hodges. Front row: Festival director David Brightbill, special guest artist Ed Clute, and pianist Bryan Wright. Photo by Lawrence Biemiller.

The first Central Pennsylvania Ragtime Festival took place in 2009, drawing Adam Swanson, Bryan Wright, and a number of other performers to the tiny "twin boroughs" of Orbisonia and Rockhill Furnace. The festival — by far the most intimate of the ragtime gatherings — was spearheaded by David Brightbill, the East Broad Top Railroad's conductor and proprietor of the Iron Rail Bed & Breakfast, and it took place at historic venues scattered around the two towns, including the EBT station platform. Although the railroad has been shuttered in recent years, the festival continues to thrive, attracting longtime fans as well as newcomers for concerts, musicales, lectures, and open houses. In 2015 and again in 2016, thanks to generous gifts from friends of the festival, we've been able to add additional performers to the mix. Come join us for some great music!

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