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S E P T E M B E R    2 0  -  2 2,    2 0 1 9   |   O R B I S O N I A   /   R O C K H I L L     F U R N A C E,    P A.

Videos from previous festivals

Adam Swanson plays a railroad medley at the East Broad Top station in 2010.

Click here to search YouTube for other Central Pennsylvania Ragtime & American Music Festival performances from previous years.

Other Ragtime Sites

Diamond Belle Saloon: Located in the historic Strater Hotel in downtown Durango, Colo., the Diamond Belle is both a favorite local watering hole and a venue that has long welcomed performers with national reputations, among them Johnny Maddox and Adam Swanson.

Hot Jazz Saturday Night: Rob Bamberger's Saturday-night broadcast on WAMU smartly surveys the history of American popular music. If you're not close enough to Washington, D.C., to pick up the FM signal, the show streams live online.

Northern Virginia Ragtime Society: Presents regular ragtime performances at a music store in Fairfax County, Va.

Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra: Created and directed by Andrew Greene, the 12-member orchestra offers regular performances throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Rivermont Records: Run by Bryan Wright, Rivermont has released albums by Frederick Hodges and Adam Swanson, among others.

Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival: This well-attended festival takes place every June in Sedalia, Mo.

West Coast Ragtime Festival: A popular annual festival in Sacramento, Calif.

The World Championship Old-time Piano Playing Contest & Festival: Among the best known ragtime festivals, in 2016 this event moves from its longtime home in Peoria, Ill., to the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Miss.

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